The EU funded project Enhancement of the Business Environment in the Southern Mediterranean (EBESM) aims at expanding private sector growth with a focus on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), and create employment through improved competitiveness in the Southern Mediterranean region. EBESM objectives will be achieved through the strenghtening of technical expertise and capacity of partners engaged in the promotion of MSMEs. This is expected to expand the private sector through the development of more robust, inclusive and sustainable growth. 


SBA Governance

The SBA Governance activity aims to introduce in partners’ countries the best practices and experiences from the MED and EU countries with respect to selected principles of the SBA, overview the achievements in the region in these areas ...

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Access to Finance

The objective of the Access to Finance activity is to raise awareness and share information and good practices among all SBA coordinators about existing public policies, mechanisms and instruments supporting MSMEs financial needs for development  ...

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Women Entrepreneurship

During its third year of operation (2016), EBESM launched the Women Entrepreneurship activity in a MSME context. This activity aims at enhancing policies to support women’s entrepreneurship development in the MED Regio ...

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