• Principle 1

    SBA Principle 1: Education and training for entrepreneurship

  • Principle 2

    SBA Principle 2: Efficient bankruptcy procedures and second chance for entrepreneurs

  • Principle 3

    SBA Principle 3: Institutional and regulatory framework for SME policy making

  • Principle 4

    SBA Principle 4: Operational environment for business creation

  • Principle 5

    SBA Principle 5: Support services for SMEs and public procurement

  • Principle 6

    SBA Principle 6: Access to finance for SMEs

  • Principle 7

    SBA Principle 7: Supporting SMEs to benefit from Euro-Mediterranean networks and partnerships

  • Principle 8

    SBA Principle 8: Enterprise skills and innovation

  • Principle 9

    SBA Principle 9: SMEs in a green economy

  • Principle 10

    SBA Principle 10: Internationalisation of SMEs

Upcoming Events

Welcome to the EBESM Project

The “Enhancement of the Business Environment in the Southern Mediterranean” consists of three components:


In-Country Seminars

Enhancing the capacity of selected officials and members of private sector and civil society on SMEs development issues ...

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Regional Seminars

Increasing the capacity of the Euro-Mediterranean Charter Coordinators and other three selected persons from ...

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Regional Studies

Enhancing the knowledge of the Working Party on Euro-Mediterranean Industrial Cooperation and the network of Charter ...

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