The EBESM project will provide three main types of technical support: (i) capacity-building, coaching and mentoring; (ii) awareness raising and policy dialogue; and (iii) policy-oriented research and analysis. This support will be provided through bundled or interlocking activities to ensure efficiency and effectiveness as well as to optimise learning synergies and ultimately to achieve the Project's objectives.

The EBESM project activities have been structured into three Components:

  • Component 1 – In-country Capacity Building Training Seminars;
  • Component 2 – Regional Training Seminars;
  • Component 3 – Regional policy-oriented Studies.

In country Seminars:

The overall goal of Component 1 is to enhance the capacity of selected officials and members of private sector and civil society on SMEs development issues. The approach is designed to be sustainable and results are to be achieved through high-quality training, skill-developing, awareness-raising and policy dialogue. The main challenges are to ensure continuity in participation and to bring together representatives of diverse agencies involved in improving the business environment.

Regional Seminars:

The goal of Component 2 is to increase the capacity of the Euro-Mediterranean Charter Coordinators and other selected persons from agencies/institutions directly involved in SME issues to advocate for their development and to influence related reforms in order to foster the development of a favourable business environment. An additional objective is to align the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise (which was previously used as a policy reference document) with the SBA for Europe.

Regional Studies:

The goal of Component 3 is to enhance the knowledge of the Working Party on Euro-Mediterranean Industrial Cooperation and the network of Charter Coordinators on selected priority sectors of the business enabling environment included in the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise and the Small Business Act for Europe. The research and analytical work done under Component 3 aims at devising appropriate recommendations for policy-making in light of the business environment and SME development. The results of this analytical work are disseminated and discussed both at regional and national levels and provide important inputs to feed the policy dialogue.

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