Best Practice Database

This database contains a series of commendable activities by public authorities in the Euro-Mediterranean area to improve the business environment and spur entrepreneurship. The purpose is to learn from each other and to transfer successful practice.

The framework for this database is the Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise that was adopted by Euro-Mediterranean Industry Ministers in 2004. The Charter provides policy guidelines for improving the business environment. Together with partner countries and with international organisations, the European Commission closely monitors its implementation.

The database includes examples of good practice from different sources:

  1. Good practice identified by Charter stakeholders in Mediterranean partner countries
  2. The Europe 2020 Strategy (formerly "Lisbon Strategy") which underpins a process whereby the European Commission and the 27 EU Member States assess and reform their micro-economic measures.
  3. The European Enterprise Awards (EEA) reward public authorities that are at the forefront of creating favourable conditions for SMEs.
  4. Specific expert groups of EU national representatives like, for example, the Enterprise Policy Group (EPG), the Expert Group on Supporting the internationalisation of SMEs, etc. contribute to the identification and improvement of SME policies.

For further information on a specific measure in a particular country, please contact the person indicated for each good practice.

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