In the framework of the SBA Governance Activity, a substantial corpus of high-level training and documentation such as concept notes, policy briefs, relevant data sources, recent studies and reports including a detailed bibliography was produced by the Project. 

Furthermore, during Phase II of this activity, the project adopted an innovative “Learning-by-Doing” approach, where all MED countries designed and implemented action plans,  in selected areas of the SBA as follows:

  • SME test and Regulatory Impact Assessment (Morocco, Israel, Jordan);
  • Public Private Dialogue (PPD) mechanisms for enhancing industrial exports (Lebanon), and creating jobs for young and women in remote areas (Algeria);
  • Creating opportunities and innovation for SMEs in “green” industrial strategies (Egypt);
  • Inter-ministerial coordination and PPD to identify and solve administrative constraints faced by Tunisian SMEs (Tunisia);
  • Developing sustainable clusters among SMEs in key SME sectors (Palestine). 

To make it easier for the reader, all these documents are posted under each national event.   

File Description Type
Jordan PPP workshop Presentation
Lebanon PPP SBA Dimension 3 29 Jan 2015 Presentation
Lebanon Public Private Dialogue 29 Jan 2015 Presentation
Maroc PPP atelier 17 Feb 2015 Presentation
Palestine PPP workshop 4 Feb 2015 Presentation
Algeria Action Plan BCN Presentation
Algeria Post BCN Steps Presentation
Egypt Action Plan BCN Presentation
Egypt Post BCN Steps Presentation
Israel Action Plan BCN Presentation
Israel Post BCN Steps Presentation
Jordan Action Plan BCN Presentation
Jordan Post BCN Steps Presentation
Lebanon Action Plan BCN Presentation
Lebanon Post BCN Steps Presentation
Morocco Action Plan BCN Presentation
Morocco Post BCN Steps Presentation
Palestine Action Plan BCN Presentation 
Palestine Post BCN Steps Presentation
Tunisia Acion Plan Presentation
Tunisia Post BCN Steps Presentation