The SBA Governance activity aimed at introducing in partners’ countries best practices and experiences from the MED and the EU countries with respect to selected principles of the SBA. The activity also provided an overview on the achievements in the region and areas for enhancement and sharing best practices; it also identified areas for cooperation towards developing initiatives that would be of benefit to the country as well as to the whole region. Finally, the SBA Governance activity helped developing actionable policy recommendations as well as small-scale action plans that the country implemented immediately. 

The EBESM’s team and the SBA coordinators, during the first two years of the project, focused their efforts to implement reforms in challenging SBA governance issues, in line with the recommendations of the 2014 SMEs policy implementation assessment, with the aim of creating a more business-friendly environment for MSMEs in the MED region.

This SBA Governance activity was deployed in two phases:

Phase I focused on selected principles of the SBA such as Innovation, Green Economy, Entrepreneurship, SMEs internationalisation, etc.

Phase II focused more specifically on principles 3 and 4 of the SBA: (i) Think Small First and (ii) Public administration responsive to SME needs.

While Phase I was deployed only at national level (See In-country seminars section), Phase II involved a three-stage approach:  1) Preparatory phase at country-level; 2) Regional seminar in Barcelona; and 3) Seminar follow-up phase.

Further information is provided under relevant sections. Moreover, a general presentation of this activity is available below.

SBA Governance Brochure