Greening the Egyptian economy: EBSM looks for opportunities to tap into the job/ wealth creation potentials for Egyptian SMEs

On December 17th and 18th in Cairo, Egyptian policymakers, members of civil society, academia and the private sector rubbed shoulders to explore how a "greening" of industrial strategies for Egyptian SMEs, allied to strong policies for innovation, could become a motor for future employment. The two-day training seminar - organised by EBESM in close collaboration with Egypt’s IMC (Industrial Modernisation Centre) -provided an ideal forum for high-level knowledge-sharing and interactive discussions.

The workshop came at an opportune moment, since the fuel and electricity subsidy reforms implemented by the Government are creating significant economic incentives for 'greening' growth in Egypt.

To boost economic potential and the competitiveness of Egypt’s SMEs, participants identified and analysed concrete actions to create opportunity and eliminate hurdles for Small Businesses, in such promising sectors. 

Taking into account the conclusions of the seminar, Egypt, under the proactive leadership of the IMC, decided to move immediately forward on this issue and to create a forum for SMEs to address challenges facing the greening of businesses, exchange of knowledge and information between SMEs, and between them and the Government. 


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Turning Environmental Challenges into Commercial Opportunities for Egyptian SMEs Agenda
National seminar for Egypt Presentation 
Key findings of the 2012 survey carried out by Oxford Research and Panteia for the EC Presentation 
A New Development Paradigm in Egypt Presentation 
Eco-Efficiency Presentation 
Eco-efficiency and eco-innovation policies at EU level Presentation 
From Policies to Results Presentation 
Support and expertise on green activities for SMEs Presentation 
Green Industry & Green Economy in Egypt Presentation 
Managing the transition to Green: Environmental Management Systems & Standards for SMEs Presentation 
Measuring the Impact of Reform: A practical approach and some methodological approaches Presentation 
Challenges and Recommendations for Greening SMEs Concept Paper
Eco-efficiency, eco-innovation and environmental management standards and certifications Concept Paper
Technical support and environmental expertise for Egyptian SMEs Concept Paper
From Policies to Results The “greening” of current strategies in the field of SMEs, industry and innovation Concept Paper
Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) Measuring the Impact of Reform. A practical approach and some methodological approaches Concept Paper
National Seminar for Egypt Report
Participant List Day I List
Participant List Day II List
Seminar Evaluation Evaluation