EBESM Seminar on E-Government for Businesses in Israel

The 'Efficient e-Government for Competitive Enterprises' seminar was held in Jerusalem, on 5 December 2016, with representatives from the Israeli government level agencies and five EU experts.

It builds on the results of the first seminar that was held in Jerusalem in September 2014 and aimed at deepening some topics in the domain of administrative simplification and digitalisation.

The seminar highlighted EU level as well as national efforts related to e-Gov Services where in particular e-ID and open data and/or shared data constitute important elements. Examples where presented from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Austria and the European Union. Representatives from various Israeli public agencies introduced each session (five in total) by showing existing solutions and ongoing initiatives in Israel.

This seminar gathered more than 90 participants, from institutions such as the Small and Medium Business Agency, the Government ICT Authority, the Ministry of Justice, among others, to discuss ways to enhance Israeli efforts in developing and implementing e-government solutions which will allow reducing the administrative burden and red tapes both on government, on businesses and on users.

For further reading, please consult the following documents.

Seminar Report E-Gov  EN
Seminar Agenda  EN
Session 1 - Indroduction EN
Session 2 - Open Data EN
Session 3 - E-ID EN
Session 4  - Once Only Principle EN
Session 5 - E-ID EU-wide EN
Session 6 - Summary EN