Workshop in Jerusalem – 13-15 July 2015

In-country workshop for Israel: Better Regulation, RIA and SME Test

For the national SBA Governance Action Plans, team work and excellent planning certainly payoff:  the Charter/SBA Coordinator for Israel has just announced that the Action Plan it had presented in March 2015 in Barcelona is well under way for implementation and will be fully operational within a brief period.

A fully fledged SME Test, inspired by the EC’s own SME-testing protocol, has been developed and was finalised during a seminar organised on 13-15 July 2015, in Jerusalem.  It can already boast a full procedure Manual to include stakeholder’s consultations and Quality Assurance. Furthermore, building on this initial Action Plan, a RIA process was decided, to be fully designed and implemented. by a team under the Prime Minister. , 

For this important SME-oriented reform, the three-day seminar was beneficial to exchange experience and good practices from UK, Swedish and Danish expertise to support Israel’s efforts to improve the regulatory framework for its businesses. This seminar organised in collaboration with EBESM and TAIEX, gathered around 50 participants, regulators and businesses, working together. Additionally, two days were dedicated to meeting with other stakeholders, including national regulators from Parliament, and to consult on the final details of the RIA process and the SME test.

Allocation of responsibility for the Better Regulations has already been clearly established: the RIA, once established, will be directly administered by the Prime Minister’s office, whereas the SME Test will be managed by the Small and Medium Business Agency. Such a “variable geometry” arrangement allows the process to adapt to needs of enterprises of all sizes, from Micro-SMEs to larger Groups.

Significant macro-economic benefit of a systematic SME Test and of an institutionalised RIA will contribute to increased entrepreneurial dynamism, by supporting MSMEs of all sectors and ensuring that all new national legislation takes into consideration their needs and interests.