In-Country Seminar for Morocco - Part II

On the road to sustainability: EBESM Provide Support to Moroccan SMEs in Becoming Eco-Friendly   

Combining environmentally sustainable solutions for small businesses with the general pressure to be competitive is one of the key concerns for the countries of the MED region, all of which are presently in the process of further implementing the Small Business Act for Europe (SBA).

In order to strengthen those efforts in Morocco, EBESM organised a seminar on Green Economy, on June 25th, 2014 in Rabat, hosted by the National Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (ANPME). With a diverse set of participants, mixing representatives of the Kingdom’s institutions, and business people including several youth leaders and women entrepreneurs, the seminar allowed a meeting of key stakeholders of the high-potential green economy sector.

Participants, involved and passionate, freely discussed their opinions on effective Green policies but also issues such as SME access to information to foster eco-innovation and eco-efficiency, with the win-win objective of turning environmental challenges into commercial opportunities for Morocco’s SMEs. The fruitful discussions and recommendations formulated by the participants emphasised how the issue of SMEs in a green economy will remain high on the agenda for the upcoming years and underlined the demand by all stakeholders for continued efforts in this field.


File Description Type
Les PME dans une économie verte Agenda
Les PME dans l’économie verte Presentation 
L’économie verte au Maroc: Etat des lieux et perspectives Presentation 
Accès des PME à l’information : législation, outils disponibles et opportunités de financement pour les innovations vertes Presentation 
Amélioration de l’environnement des affaires dans la région sud de la Méditerranée Presentation 
Les PME dans une économie verte Report
L’Economie Verte au Maroc Concept Paper
Economie verte : Document de contextualisation au niveau international et euro-méditerrannéen Concept Paper
Participant List Day II List