Promoting a Culture of Innovation: EBESM supports Palestine to foster cutting edge SMEs

“Should Palestine have a national definition of innovation?” was one of the many questions asked during the October 29th  and 30th workshop, organised in Ramallah by EBESM, providing practical support to the Palestinian authorities in their effort to improve implementation of Principle 8.1 “Innovation” of the Small Business Act for Europe (SBA). This training seminar was organised in collaboration with the National Ministry of Economy.

Innovation - often by SMEs - takes place everywhere. Palestine is not an exception and is in the process of developing its first strategy to promote and boost innovation. Palestinian authorities have specifically chosen the subject of “Innovation” to enhance their SMEs’ competiveness.  Over forty key stakeholders from the innovation sector got together to actively contribute to the development of a national framework to promote innovation. The representative from the National Ministry of Economy called it: ”one of the most interesting workshops she and her colleagues have ever assisted”.

A set of five workshops was organised around key Innovation-related subjects in which local stakeholders were able to exchange ideas, go through SWOT analyses and come up with concrete recommendations. Among others, these recommendations included actions to promote creative thinking at national level, financial instruments for prototyping and turning ideas into business cases, streamlining access to innovation.

Day 1

File Description Type
Promoting a Culture of Innovation Agenda
Enhancement of the Business Environment in the Southern Mediterranean Presentation 
Innovation: Institutional & Legal Framework, Policies Presentation 
Innovation: Financing schemes and instruments Presentation 
Strategy and Policies in Support of Innovation Presentation 
Financing SME Innovation – instruments Presentation 
Entrepreneurship and innovation Concept Papter
Innovation: Collaboration and Networking Concept Paper
Policies in support of Innovation Concept Paper
National Seminar for Palestine Report
Partipant List Day I List

Day 2 

File Description Type
Promoting a Culture of Innovation  Agenda     
Entrepreneurship and Culture of Innovation                                                          Presentation 
Entrepreneurship and Culture of Innovation (2) Presentation 
Cooperation between SMEs and Research Institutes & Universities Presentation 
Promoting Cooperation on Innovation Presentation 
Successful communication strategies to promote innovation Presentation 
National Seminar for Palestine Report
Participant List Day II List