Unleashing a Potential: EBESM explores innovative entrepreneurship with Tunisian authorities

How to build a culture of innovation in Tunisia to improve business competitiveness? To discuss this question EBESM organised a workshop September on 11th 2014 in collaboration with the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (API) and the EU funded project PASRI.  The two-day event was attended by about fifty key innovation players in Tunisia. These included representatives of the State, universities and the business community.

The training sessions focused on innovative entrepreneurship and innovation culture and helped to address key dimensions of the Tunisian innovation system. Furthermore participants emphasised the importance of human resources, crucially including the question how graduates can be sensitised to the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

From the perspective of rapprochement between the European Union (EU) and neighbouring countries of the southern Mediterranean in general, and Tunisia in particular, this meeting of high-flying innovation experts made it possible to share best practices in the EU and the Mediterranean countries, to improve the innovation capacity of the Country.

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Promotion de la culture de l’innovation auprès des PME en Tunisie »Séminaire national pour  la Tunisie » Agenda
Le principe «Innovation» du Small Business Act pour l’Europe Presentation 
L’entrepreneuriat innovant et la culture de l’innovation Presentation 
État des lieux en Tunisie: Acteurs, Cadre législatif et Instruments financiers d’incitation à l’innovation Presentation 
Promotion de l’innovation : Gouvernance et stratégie Echange de bonnes pratiques – MED/UE Presentation 
Promotion de l’innovation : Quelle stratégie de communication mettre en place ? Presentation 
Promotion de la culture de l’innovation auprès des PME en Tunisie Report
État des lieux en Tunisie : Acteurs, Cadre législatif et Instruments financiers d’incitation des PME à l’innovation en Tunisie Concept Paper
Stratégie de communication pour la Promotion de la politique de l’innovation Concept Paper
Promotion de l'Innovation.Gouvernance Concept Paper
Participant List Day I List