A Second Chance for Business: EBESM and the Tunisian authorities look for ways to assist struggling SMEs.

In business, failure and success are often closely intertwined and both related to risk taking. Therefore, in order for struggling SME to overcome non-structural crisis, conducive legislation and access to finance are crucial. With this situation in mind, EBESM organised a seminar in Tunis on September 12th, 2014 which touched on all aspects of legislative frameworks for bankruptcy and recovery of businesses, as well as the correlated issue of access to credit and financing for SMEs.

With forty attendees coming from important finance and banking institutions and the judiciary meeting dozens of entrepreneurs, the highly interactive workshop allowed for an open and frank dialogue between stakeholders and for plenty of fruitful exchange. Common efforts led to the agreement on operational recommendations, to be adopted to improve the implementation of this SBA principle in Tunisia.

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Promotion de la culture de l’innovation auprès des PME en Tunisie »Séminaire national pour  la Tunisie » Agenda
Nouveau départ et seconde chance pour entreprendre » « L’efficience de la loi 1995-34 relative au redressement des entreprises en difficultés économiques Presentation 
Evolution du cadre réglementaire et des procédures sur les liquidations judiciaires et les faillites en Europe - Principaux acteurs - Rôle économique des juges Presentation 
L’efficience de la loi 1995-34 de redressement des entreprises en difficultés économiques en Tunisie Concept Paper
Evolution du cadre réglementaire et des procédures sur les liquidations judiciaires et les faillites en Europe Concept Paper
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