Virtual Government: EBESM and Israeli SMEs Discuss the Potential of E-Government Solutions

“Efficient e-Government for Competitive Enterprises” was the theme of a high level seminar, organised by EBESM on September 17th and 18th, in collaboration with the Israeli Small and Medium Business Agency (SMBA). Over 45 participants, including high officials, public institutions representatives,  business associations and digital media experts worked together to discuss the best ways of using ICT tools to reduce administrative burdens and improve service delivery to businesses.

With common sights on improving Israel’s position on principle 4 of the SBA “Make public administration responsive to SME needs", the group focused on two themes:

  • Designing a strategy for e-Government
  • Drafting of a national action plan

Drawing on practical expertise and practise from a number of EU countries, complex questions were discussed, such as whether reducing administrative burden is sufficient in itself for e-Government to transform public administrations.

The two-day workshop emphasized the tremendous potential for Israel to build on existing e-government solutions and to increase the interconnectedness that can give its SMEs a competitive edge. High-value results generated by collective work and exchange of reflection, during this event, led the participants to request EBESM to quickly prepare a follow-up workshop.

Based on this seminar's findings, a short summary posted on the website of the SMBA presents the main obstacles for the implementation of e-government for businesses in Israel and highlights the main principals that the SMBA believes are the most relevant for the implementation of e-government in Israel as part of the SMBA policy.

Day 1

File Description Type
Agenda  Agenda
Enhancement of the Business Environment in the Southern Mediterranean Presentation 
Approach and Strategy New developments Presentation 
Findings from recent study on eGovernment and the reduction of administrative burdens (2014) Presentation 
A quick approach to set a G2B methodology Presentation 
Electronic Government in the Netherlands Presentation 
Digital Marketplace (UK) The G-Cloud and Digital Service Frameworks Presentation 
Wrap-up Session Presentation 
Technical Report Report
Participant List Day I List
Insight Report: Netherlands Specific highlight area – recent trends in administrative burden reduction Concept Paper
Key Drivers for E-Government Concept Paper
A quick approach to set a G2B methodology Concept Paper

Day 2

File Description Type
Agenda  Agenda
Key steps for designing an eGovernment Action Plan Presentation 
Assessment of supply and demand for e-services – What could go wrong?                                        Presentation 
Practical Experience of Denmark – Action Plan Presentation 
Practical experience of France in designing and implementing a G2B policy Presentation 
Key steps for designing an eGovernment Action Plan Presentation 
Wrap-up Session Presentation 
Participant List Day II List
Designing a Sustainable eGovernment Action Plan Concept Paper
Practical Experience From Denmark Concept Paper
Practical experience of France in designing and implementing a G2B action plan Concept Paper