17 September 2015

In-country workshop for Morocco: Introducing the SME test tool with the support of EBESM

Morocco’s Charter Coordinator and his team are successfully achieving the SBA Governance Action Plan which was committed to last March in the framework of the EBESM Barcelona Seminar: fully leveraging the government’s reform agenda in favour of MSMEs, an important step is nearing completion with a fully operational SME Test for the Kingdom of Morocco.

Following a benchmark study on SME Tests, and entirely in phase with the Moroccan Economic Reform Strategy, the Action Plan has advanced at great speed, with a working model already developed, adapted to unique specificities of the Kingdom’s SME situation. The Charter Coordinator has wisely ensured that all institutions and Ministries were actively involved in the project and played a positive role in the conception of this model.

A workshop is being organised on September 17th, to present this tool to all major stakeholders. Earlier, a consultation round with major stakeholders both from public and public institutions will allow a broad consultation to examine and enhance the project, making it ready for fast-track institutionalisation.

Morocco’s government has clearly focused its enterprise policy on the support of MSMEs, as illustrated by the speedy process of its Action Plan, with the forward-looking vision of meeting today’s economic challenges. This strategy will positively impact on entrepreneurship, employment opportunity and export capacity. The ensuing wealth generation will also allow a better livelihood for start-up entrepreneurs, young people and newly urbanised populations.

For more information, see the four presentations held during the seminar :

1 Test PME Maroc Contexte FR
2 Synthese Benchmark FR
3 Test PME Maroc Proposition FR
4 Experience pilote Methodologie FR
5. Test PME Maroc Rapport FR


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