Regional Seminar on SBA Governance

March 17-19 2015 - Barcelona

The annual EBESM regional seminar on SBA Governance was held on March 17th to 19th 2015 in Barcelona, in the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM). Its core objective was to improve governance of national SME policies and programmes, based on principles 3 and 4 of the Small Business Act for Europe:

•             “Think Small First”

•             “Public administration responsive to SME needs”.

Four-delegate teams from each Country (two people from private sector and two from Public sector, including the Charter/SBA Coordinator) dedicated their joint efforts to making each country’s Action Plan fully operational and preparing the next steps required for implementation.

During a number of intense and constructive “friendly criticism” sessions, assisted by high-level experts provided by the European Commission and EBESM, the delegates laboured together to improve the substance and form of the concrete short-term actions chosen by the national Charter/SBA Coordinators and their teams. The methodology chosen by the organisers was based on highly collaborative work on the substance and form of the Action Plans, in order to improve and complete them, using the support provided by a number of EU experts.

The ultimate objective is to ensure that these actions are fully able to make national SME policies more effective in generating growth and employment.

SME-oriented topics collectively studied over three days consisted of:

  • SME test and Regulatory Impact Assessment (Morocco, Israel, Jordan)
  • Public Private Dialogue (PPD) for enhancing industrial exports (Lebanon)
  • PPD for creating jobs for young and women in remote areas (Algeria)
  • Creating opportunities and innovation for SMEs in “green” industrial strategies (Egypt);
  • Inter-ministerial coordination to design and operate an SME platform (Tunisia);
  • Developing sustainable clusters among SMEs in key SME sectors (Palestine).

All Coordinators also benefited by:

  • Improving capacity to handle challenging governance issues;
  • Learning good practices from EU and MED countries;
  • Discovering project management tools and methods;
  • Networking with colleagues;
  • Preparing to implement their action plan with international experts and ‘critical friends’;
  • Showcasing achievements to a wider audience Region and EU Member States.

The Seminar’s positive results are a validation of the project’s innovative “training by doing” approach, taken by the Commission.

An excellent success was made possible by close collaboration and coordination with the project’s main stakeholders; good team spirit and high quality and appropriateness of experts.

For more information, see the regional seminar briefing note and country  related documents, as well as here the documents used for the preparation of Mission Presentations (EN)Mission Presentations (FR) and Action Plans.

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Briefing note on the regional seminar on the governance of the Small Business Act (SBA) for Europe  

Briefing Note

Note d’information : Séminaire régional sur la gouvernance du Small Business Act pour l’Europe (SBA)

Briefing Note 
Jordan PPP workshop Presentation
Lebanon PPP SBA Dimension 3 29 Jan 2015 Presentation
Lebanon Public Private Dialogue 29 Jan 2015 Presentation
Maroc PPP atelier 17 Feb 2015 Presentation
Palestine PPP workshop 4 Feb 2015 Presentation
Algeria Action Plan BCN Presentation
Algeria Post BCN Steps Presentation
Egypt Action Plan BCN Presentation
Egypt Post BCN Steps Presentation
Israel Action Plan BCN Presentation
Israel Post BCN Steps Presentation
Jordan Action Plan BCN Presentation
Jordan Post BCN Steps Presentation
Lebanon Action Plan BCN Presentation
Lebanon Post BCN Steps Presentation
Morocco Action Plan BCN Presentation
Morocco Post BCN Steps Presentation
Palestine Action Plan BCN Presentation 
Palestine Post BCN Steps Presentation
Tunisia Acion Plan Presentation
Tunisia Post BCN Steps Presentation