Structuring and Managing a Mezzanine fund for Egypt

In order to contribute to unlocking access to finance for SMEs, Egypt initiated a dialogue on the diversification of non-banking financial instruments to better serve the financial needs of SMEs. In this respect, the specific objective of the Technical Assistance provided by EBESM, is to help design and manage a mezzanine fund drawing on best EU practices in this domain.

The national seminar on Access to Finance, conducted in Cairo, Egypt, on 7 September 2016 drew attention to the need to develop innovative financing instruments, in particular a mezzanine fund suited to the needs of the SME sector in Egypt. This need has been identified through the mapping study carried out by EBESM in 2015 and 2016 in all MED countries identifying the range of existing public programmes, financing mechanisms and instruments, as well as gaps in the institutional or market infrastructure.

The summary of the recommendations of the TA mission are available below.


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