Which solutions to facilitate Access to Finance for Tunisian SMEs

Tunis, May 20 - Around fifty policy makers, private sector representatives and members of civil society, including youth and women, and other financial sector players, gathered in Tunis in order to discuss a program on the medium and long term on the necessary reforms, as well as which actions are to be implemented quickly so as to improve the financial inclusion of MSMEs in Tunisia. This seminar is fully part of the project of the European Union in Tunisia on access to finance and the development of MSMEs, particularly at the regional level.

This seminar enabled:

  • To inform or complete information from stakeholders on the instruments and mechanisms available today in Tunisia to serve the MSME financing needs;
  • To discuss the necessary reforms and specific recommendations for action at national level in order to unblock MSME access to finance; and
  • Share good practices (regional, European, international) public policies, mechanisms and instruments in key subjects such as security instruments, venture capital and start-up finance, innovation, participatory finance, microfinance, etc.

During the seminar, experts and specialists in corporate finance have compiled an inventory of the situation in Tunisia and other countries of the Mediterranean region. They also presented concrete initiatives so as to transform the traditional financing into more flexible and diverse tools throughout the life cycle of MSMEs.

The seminar's conclusions can be found in the following table:

1. Résultats de l'évaluation des politiques de la Tunisie MPME FR
2. Les Sociétés de Caution Mutuelle FR
3.Finance innovante, le crowdfunding ou la finance participative FR
4. Tunisie Rapport Seminaire A2F FR