The “Enhancement of the Business Environment in the Southern Mediterranean” (EBESM) is a regional project funded by the European Union, with an overall budget of 3M€, running from January 2014 to December 2017. The project is implemented by GIZ in partnership with Eurecna.

EBESM is a partnership between the European Union (EU) and the countries of the South European Neighbourhood (ENP-South) region, namely, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia. (1) 

The EBESM Project draws on international and EU good practices, namely the “Small Business Act” for Europe" (SBA), a comprehensive policy framework for  SME policy adopted by the EU in 2008, to reform the business environment, expand private sector growth with a focus on Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and create employment through improved competitiveness.

EBESM objectives will be achieved through the strengthening of technical expertise and capacity of partners engaged in the promotion of MSMEs. This is expected to expand the private sector through the development of more robust, inclusive and sustainable growth.

Project Activities aim at:

1) Supporting the work on Euro-MED Industrial Cooperation;

2) Building capacities of the SBA Coordinators in the Southern Mediterranean countries (MED) to advocate for MSMEs Development;

3) Raising awareness and facilitating MSME access to finance.

The EBESM work programme is structured around 3 major topics: 1) Governance of the SBA; 2) Access to finance for MSMEs; and 3) Women entrepreneurship; but also on selected SMEs policy development issues as expressed by national partners.

These topics have carefully been selected on the basis of SBA principles and key objectives as expressed by the Euro-MED Industrial cooperation Working Group and national SBA coordinators, who are the main EBESM interlocutors at country level.

Since the common objective is to enrich SME-based private sector growth in the region and ensure economic and social development by robust, inclusive and sustainable business activity, the collective focus is all about sharing peer experiences, good practices and strengthening the policy dialogue around MSME policies to address key development issues for this region.

EBESM Project Brochure

List of SBA Coordinators

(1) The activities in Libya and Syria have been suspended due to the current political instability.