The results of the report and of this analytical work have been disseminated and discussed among participants first during focus groups that were held at a sub-regional level, one in Cairo on March 2, 2017 for the Mashrek region (i.e. Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon), and one in Tunisia on March 24, 2017 for the Maghreb region (i.e. Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco).

The objectives of these focus groups were to discuss preliminary key findings of the surveys, share experience (South-South) and discuss recommendations to help improve policies at the country level. Based on these discussions, recommendations will be formulated for the MED region on ways to enhance the situation with regard to the promotion of successful women entrepreneurship.

The final results were disseminated and discussed during three sub-regional workshops that were held as follows;

  1. Tunis, on 21 September for Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco;
  2. Beirut, on 28 September for Egypt and Lebanon;
  3. Amman, on 2 October 2017 for Jordan and Palestine.

The objectives of these workshops were to:

  • Present and discuss findings, practices and policies included in the regional report
  • Set up a public-private dialogue platform as well as identify actions to support women entrepreneurship

These workshops focused on instruments to improve policies and led to country-specific actionable recommendations and action plans.  To ensure sustainability, a Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) platform was established for each country, to enhance policies favourable to women entrepreneurs. These national PPD platforms should be integrated with other existing platforms and mechanisms such as the UfM/UNIDO, OECD, UN Women, the Arab League, etc.

The workshop reports as well as the presentation made by EBESM experts are available below.

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